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Yogini Hridaya Tantra – A Tantric Text

Yogini Hridaya Tantra is an important tantric text whose original author’s name is unknown. The third part is the discourse between Shiva and Goddess Parvati and it covers 86 verses. The subsequent two parts have 85 and 204 verses, respectively. The first two parts are chant of mantras and the puja saketa (worship mode). It also has a dipika bhasanuvada (introduction).

This Agama Tantra advocates the practitioner merging with the Ultimate Reality. The Absolute is cognized as immaculate, eternal and manifesting beyond space. He is in the form of existence, knowledge and bliss (sat chit ananda).

The worship involves adoration of Sri Chakra as an icon. Sri Chakra has to be installed imaginatively within the psyche. Goddess Ambika is the deity. The aura of the Goddess carries the 16 vowels of the alphabet, bound by an invisible force (kama kala). The human body with nine passages is equated with Sri Chakra. The passages are linked to duty, non-duty, the antahakarana (inner self), the Supreme Reality, the mother, the measurable and the effulgent.

The resultant decagonal chakra manifests ten kinds of knowledge (dasa vidya). The petals of chakra carry consonants – ya, ra, la, va, sa, sh, sa, ha, la and ksha, representing basic and subtle elements (pancha bhutas and tanmatras).

The creative and destructive aspects of life are worshiped. The initiation commences from bindu, and the annihilation aspect is observed through nada, bindu, kala, jyestha, raudri, vama, visaghni dutari, and sarvananda.