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Vayillyam Kunnu Bhagavathy Temple Information - Festival – Vayillakunnilappan Temple Gods Worshipped

Vayillyam Kunnu Bhagavathy Temple and Vayillakunnilappan Temple are located 100 meters apart at Kadampazhipuram village in Palakkad district, Kerala. The main festival in the Vayilyamkunnu Bhagavathi temple begins on Karthika nakshatra with kodiyettam in Kumbham month. Vayillyamkunnu Pooram 2024 date is February 2024.

Kalampattu is held on Rohini nakshatra day. Pooram Purappadu is held on Makayiram nakshatra day. Pooram is observed on the Pooram nakshatra day.

Ezhunnallathu of more than 30 elephants takes place during the annual festival.

The main murti at Vayillakunnilappan temple is the last person in the Parayipetta Panthirukulam. The Prathishta here is a Shivling which was consecrated by Vararuchi. The deity faces east and puja is performed as per Ardhanarishwara Sankalpam.

Vayillyam Kunnu Bhagavathy temple is located 100 meters away on the north side of Vayillakunnilappan temple. Goddess Bhadrakali along with Saptamatrikas are worshipped in the temple. The deity faces north. This shrine has now more importance than the Vayillakunnilappan temple.

Vayillyam Kunnu Bhagavathi temple has a pond on the north side of the temple, big ground and big Nadashala. The moolasthanam of the temple is located on the west side and it is still maintained. The temple is more than 750 years old. The main upa devata her is Ganapathy.

The belief is that Vaishyas or Muthethimar who came and settled here after having difference of opinion with Chola king performed the Prathishta of there paradevata here.

The annual Thalappoli festival is held on Makara Bharani day.