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Ubhayachari Yoga Caused By Sun In Horoscope

When planets other than the Moon are present on either side of the sun, a special planetary position of configurations arises in an astrological birth chart (horoscope) and this is known as Ubhayachari Yoga.

This is one of the three well known yogas caused by the position of sun in horoscope, the other two being Veshi and Vashi yogas. One of three yogas is likely to be present in almost every horoscope.

A person born under this yoga will be an eloquent speaker. He will have well proportioned limbs, will be wealthy and famous and liked by all. The Ubhayachari Yoga cannot be compared in its eminence to Raja Yoga.

There can be many form of Ubhayachari Yoga:
  • If mercury is placed on either side of the sun, the person will be eloquent.
  • If it is Mars, the person will be stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate.
  • If it is Jupiter, then will be showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by revenge.
  • If it is Venus, then the person will be famous and virtuous.
  • If it is Saturn, the person will carry and ill will towards his own mentor and will be interested in usurping the property of others.
  • In fact, since the Sun is the preliminary planet to cause this yoga, the relation of sun with other planets placed in second or twelfth house from his own position will determine the effect of this yoga.

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