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Tuljapur Bhavani Story – Tales Of Tuljapur Temple

Tuljapur Bhavani is Adi Shakti Mahamaya. She is Mother Goddess Shakti. Here are some important stories that are associated with Tuljapur Bhavani.

The most popular story is of Mother Goddess Shakti appearing as Tulja Bhavani to help Anubhuti, wife of Rishi Kardam. Anubhuti was a widow with an infant. She once asked Mother Goddess to look after her child so that she can perform penance on the banks of Mandakini River.

While Anubhuti was performing penance, a demon named Kukur tried to attack her. 

Mother Goddess Shakti appeared on the banks of Mandakini River and annihilated the demon. People who witnessed this divine incident called her Tulja Bhavani.

Another legend is that Goddess Durga after killing demon Mahisha appeared on the Yamuna Chala Hill and mediated here. The temple is located on the Yamuna Chala Hill.

Another legend is that Goddess Bhavani appeared to annihilate demon Matanga. To defeat the demon she was accompanied by Sapta Matrikas.