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To Realize Our True Potential Tame The Restless Mind

A mind out of control is our greatest enemy. So it is very much essential that we tame the restless mind. The greatest battle in life is won when we are able to keep the mind in control.

All the wonderful things first manifest in the mind. Similarly, all horrible things first nurture in the mind. Therefore, we need to be careful about our thoughts.

Having a mind filled with positive and good thoughts helps in overcoming daily life obstacles.

First, you need to know that you are not the mind. You can be the observer. The mind should be seen as an object that can be observed.

The chain of thoughts that appear in the mind should be closely observed. You need to learn the art of ‘nip in the bud.’ Negative and evil thoughts should be nipped in the bud. They should not be provided fodder. When we constantly keep clearing such negative and evil thoughts, our mind becomes pure. It will only then have place for good and positive thoughts.

The day we tame the restless mind, we will realize our true potential.