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Tips to Be Happier, Stronger and Successful

Our aim should be not to be better than the next person, but to be better than what we are in the present. What is the use to be better than another person, when we are filled with anger, frustration, ego, hatred, and jealousy? Bettering someone on the physical and material plain is of no value as there will always be someone who is richer and more handsome or beautiful than us. So if you want to be better then be better than what you are in the present. This will automatically make you better than the next person.

Our happiness depends on our present actions and thoughts. When our actions and thoughts are in the wrong direction, we will end up in misery. Before going out on the search for happiness, we need to know what real happiness is. Our actions and thoughts need to be directed towards finding permanent happiness, not temporary happiness that we get from an outside source.

We are proud of our victories in games, exams, competition etc. But are these real victories. No. What are the real battles? The real battles are over fear, ego, anger, and desire. Have we won the real battles of life? To taste real and permanent victory we need to defeat the enemies within.

Just because someone does not follow our path or ideas does not mean that person is lost. People take different roads to fulfillment. Accepting other paths of happiness and fulfillment is tolerance. It is tolerance what makes the human world beautiful. The various paths make life exciting. If there is only a single path then we all will be bored.

Every person has the capacity to change and make life better. It is that we are too selfish to make the necessary changes to make our lives and those around us better. Some people think they are too small to make any changes. This is inferiority complex. Come out of the shell and do the little you can.

We have this habit of holding on to things. We talk about old life, old world, old friends, old movies… Everything in nature undergoes change. However hard the human beings try we cannot resist change. So instead of complaining about changes, we need to learn to make each day meaningful. We need to make our present worthwhile. 

At the first difficult, at the first climb, at the first no… we give up. Never give up. What is difficult at this moment will become easy on another moment. The climb for which we are not fit now will become an easy walk when you are fit, the no has to change into a yes when you keep on trying.