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Thayumanavar Teachings

Everyone having been troubled by the appearance of the 'I' or individual ego, there spontaneously emerges the diversifying agency which is the universal Maya. Who can adequately portray the consequent depth of sorrow? It manifests as the physical body, the senses both interior and exterior, as the all pervading ether, as fire, air, earth and water; as forest, mountain, gigantic visions like hills, subtle and physical memory, forgetfulness, and so on; rising up like waves which batter at a man, bringing with them pain and pleasure which are the fruits of his past actions, also attendant are their cures such as religious, creeds, truth-seekers and their sanctions and testimonies contained within different sciences and logically expounded – greater in number than the fine sands on the seashore.

Sheaf upon sheaf of unaccountable miseries spontaneously arise. How to uproot them radically, as though consuming a hill of camphor where no residue remains? To work this miracle and in order to enlighten me, Grace manifested in a shape like my own. Born somewhere, bearer of a name, eating, sleeping, experiencing enjoyment and pain. Just as a deer is used to decoy another of its kind, so Grace came as the Silent Guru. And took possession of my body, goods, my life itself — consistently eliminating all, teaching: 'You are neither the five senses, the five elements, the limbs, the mind, nor their attributes. You are not these collectively. You are not the physical shell, neither knowledge nor ignorance. You are Pristine Consciousness, unassociated, just as the crystal reflects the background to the beholder Guru is only your inherent nature revealing Truth when you are in readiness to receive it.

Should you be forced to attain Eternal Bliss-Consciousness, indwelling all, harken to my words: 'May you attain to the abode of the Pure Heart and there remain forever! May dense ignorance depart from you! May Bliss-Consciousness be yours! May you be liberated!' Thus did the Guru address me.

Conferring true knowledge of the unique and natural Silence which eliminates bondage and in which there is no ego, meditation, space, time, direction, elimination, diversification, expression, association — in which there does not exist the phenomena of day and night; of beginning or end, of interior, middle, nor an aggregate of these.
Grace further reveals that, although these are all eliminated 'It' remains not as a Void, but as everlasting, natural BEING beyond description. 'It' does not manifest as ego, but remains the REALITY which engulfs ignorance as day dissolves night; absorbing unhindered all knowledge; transforming the individual into Itself. Self-effulgent, It shines in Silence.

With its rising 'It' hinders the appearing of another; all else is obliterated like burning camphor which is dispersed without there remaining a flicker or glow. Beyond the sense 'It' shines ; detached from the knower, knowledge or known — and yet 'It' is there. Who can speak of 'It', and to whom? When 'It' emerges, individuality is transmuted — It speaks for Itself.