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Sri Krishna Shantidoot Teachings In Mahabharata

Sri Krishna talks to Duryodhana as Shantidoot or messenger of peace in Hastinapura court in the Mahabharata.
  • The activity of wise is directed towards virtue, wealth, and pleasure.
  • When not all of them are attainable, the wise aim for virtue and wealth.
  • Again if it is impossible to achieve the two, the wise aim for Virtue.
  • Wealth is the cause strife and pleasure and it is pursued by fool alone.
  • The man who abandons virtue by being a slave of senses never attains happiness on earth.
  • Desiring to secure profit and pleasure, through improper means, the foolish person abandon virtue.
  • The one who practices virtue alone achieves true pleasure and true wealth.
  • Virtue alone is the means of obtaining everything in this world.
  • He who has the power of virtue flourishes like a flame in the forest.