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Seeing Owl – Good Or Bad Luck – Beliefs In Hinduism

There are several owl related beliefs in Hinduism. Depending on the situation, sighting owl can be both good and bad. There is no consistency regarding these beliefs as it is purely based on local and community beliefs. Such beliefs are never based on scriptures.

It is believed that if an owl starts to sit in any house then there will be financial, property and relationship problems in the house.

If an owl sits in the balcony or roof and starts to make sounds then there will be death of an important member of the family pretty quickly.

If an owl cries near the main gate or door of the house continuously for three days then there will be financial or money loss due to theft at home.

If while traveling a person comes across an owl making hom-hom sound, then it is considered auspicious. Owl making sound during travels means desires will be fulfilled.

Seeing owl on the left side or hearing owl making sound from the left side is considered meritorious and good luck.

Seeing owl or hearing it making sound in the right side is considered bad luck.

Seeing owl on the back side is considered good luck.