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Sage Who Drank Ganga – The Story Of Rishi Who Drank All Water In Anger

The sage who drank Ganga is Sage Jahnu. The story of Rishi Jahnu who drank all the water of Ganga in anger appears in the story of Ganga and king Bhagiratha, who performed tapas to bring the Ganga River to the earth.

Sage Who Drank Ganga

When the Ganga came to the earth after being released from Lord Shiva’s matted locks, her torrential waters wreaked havoc earth. It consumed everything on its way and swallowed the ashram of Rishi Jahnu and penance.

Angered by this, the great sage drank up all of the Ganga waters to punish her. Seeing this, the Devas prayed to the sage to release the Ganga, so that she could proceed on her mission to release the souls of the ancestors of King Bhagiratha.

Jahnu relented and released the Ganga from his ear. For this reason the Ganga River is also known as Jahnavi meaning daughter of Jahnu.