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Purification Of Body Mind And Intellect With Holy Water

Purification of body, mind and intellect with holy water with sanctified water is known as Udakashanti. Water gets purified when Vedic hymns are chanted over it. The sanctified water is either sprinkled or used for bathing by the individual who undergoes various samskaras in Hinduism. 

Dhanu Rashi November Good Dates as per Hindu Astrology

The procedure to conduct the purification of body, mind and intellect with purified water is prescribed in Bodhayana Sutra. The ritual commences with the propitiation of Vishwaksena or Ganapati.

The priest conducting the ritual prepares the preliminary work by propitiating Varuna in a pot filled with water and covered by coconut, flower, mango leaves and durva grass.
The deity representing each of the above items is invoked with the relevant mantra and Vedic Brahmins recite the Udaka Shanti Mantra. 

The japa lasts for at least one hour, invoking the following deities for conferring prosperity, welfare and sanctification both the environment and the conductors:

  • Veda Purusha – one mantra from each of the four Vedas
  • Ashta Dikpalas (guardians of the eight directions
  • Twenty seven stars or nakshatras
  • Pancha Bhutas (water, air, fire, space and earth)
  • Navagraha Devatas, Apsaras, the deity representing day, night, twilight, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

The ritual is performed during the following samskaras – garbhadhana, pumsavana, simantonnayana, chaula, upanayana, vivahabandhan, ugra ratha shanty, bhima ratha shanthi, maha pataka shanti, mahabhaya nivarana, mahapida parihara and one who desires material welfare.