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Olassa Vettakkorumakan Temple Festival – Olassa Vettakkorumakan Kavu Story - History

Olassa Vettakkorumakan Kavu, also known as Olassa Vettakkorumakan Temple, is located at Aymanam village on Kottayam – Parippu road in Kottayam district, Kerala. Olassa Vettakkorumakan Kavu festival is famous pooram thullal and arattu. The annual festival is observed in such a manner that it ends with Arattu on Uthram nakshatra in Meenam month. Pooram thulal performed pooram nakshatra, the previous day of Arattu, is of great importance.

There are two shrines in the temple – one is dedicated to Sri Krishna and the other is dedicated to Vettakkorumakan.

The temple of Sri Krishna is big but importance is given to Vettakkorumakan. The shrine of Vettakkorumakan is located behind the Sri Krishna temple. Both the deities face east.

There is no festival in the shrine for Sri Krishna.

It is believed that the original shrine was built for Sri Krishna by Thekkumkoor king but for some reason Vettakkorumakan had to be consecrated in the shrine. The king later built the current Sri Krishna temple.

There is another belief that the Vettakkorumakan murti was brought by a Chettiar who had fled from Tamil Nadu fearing the king of the region. When he arrived here he saw a new shrine and kept the murti inside it.

Another legend has it that Vettakkorumakan arrived atop a crocodile and sat in the temple which was originally built for Sri Krishna.

For desire fulfillment Vara Naivedya is offered in the temple.