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Nothing comes out of mere intellectual understanding

Nothing comes out of mere intellectual understanding. What will you gain by merely repeating, “There is fire in the wood, there is fire in the wood?” Light a fire by rubbing the pieces of wood together, cook you food, eat it, and be nourished. Only then will you have achieved something.

There is something called Shraddha. Nachiketa of Katha Upanishad had it. Shradha means, “I will certainly do what I have understood to be correct, and I have the power and self confidence necessary to accomplish that. I do not sit depending on the grace of the Lord.”

Along with Shraddha, Nishta – single-minded devotion – is also necessary. In this age, nishtha should remain concealed within oneself; only then will the devotion mature.

Teachings of Swami Premeshananda