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Njeralathu Sree Rama Temple At Alanallur – Mannarkad – Palakkad

Njeralathu Sree Rama Temple is located at Alanallur near Mannarkkad in Palakkad district, Kerala. The main festival in the temple is observed on the Rohini nakshatra in Makaram month.

The murti worshipped in the temple is of Chatur Bahu Sree Rama (having four hands). The murti is nearly 4 feet tall. The sankalpam in the temple is that of Sree Rama who had shown his vishwaroop to his Mother Kaushalya just after birth.

The Upa Devatas in the temple are Shiva, Ganapati and Hanuman. There is a Shiva temple inside the nalambalam. On the outside there are shrines of Ayyappa and Rakshas as Upa Devatas.

The temple has a vatta sreekovil, which is believed to be the biggest circular sanctum sanctorum in Palakkad district.

Behind the temple there is a big pond covering an area of two acres. 

Neralattu Rama Poduval or Njeralathu Rama Poduval (1916–1996) was an exponent of the ashtapadi/sopanam music used to work in the temple as Adiyanthirakaran..