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Marutha Worship In Kerala Temples – Maruta

Marutha is worshipped as a subsidiary deity in many temples in Kerala. The deity is associated with Durbhootam and Pishachu. It is believed that the term Maruta came from ‘Mruta’ (meaning dead or dead body). It is believed that those people who met with unnatural death turn into Marutha.

Marutha Worship In Kerala Temples – Maruta

There is a widespread belief that at night on certain days at particular places Maruta will kill people who walk alone.

There is also belief that Marutha will hit on the shadow of a person and such people will become mentally distressed and go insane or mad.

It is believed that Marutha takes the form of certain particular animals and roam around at day and night.

Marutha is part of Kerala temple arts. Marutha kolam is performed in Padayani and Kolamthullal. Karimarutha, Tallamarutha, Pachamaruta, Pandimaruta, Pandaramarutha and Pillamartua are some of the important kolams or veshams are performed in temple arts.

Marutha worship is also associated with Madan worship. Some people believe that Marutha is female and Madan is male – both are considered to be souls of people who met with unnatural death.

In temples, Marutha is usually worshipped under a tree. There are no images usually it is symbolized by Shila or granite or red color clothes.