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Manipura Chakra Importance In Yoga

Manipura Chakra is a chakra located at the root of the navel and is of prime importance in Yoga. Manipura Chakra is described in detail in Shatchakra Nirupana of Purnanada (verse 19-21). Its name is derived from mani (gem). Sage Patanjali has called it nabhi-chakra (Yogasutra III.29), as it is located at the root of the navel, and has stated that by concentrating on its one gets knowledge of the organs and their functions inside the body.

The manipura lotus has ten petals with the ten letter of the Sanskrit alphabet from da to pha on them. The petals are of dark color, like that of the rain cloud. The letters are of blue color. The letters are da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa and pha. Above the letters are the shining nada and bindu.

Inside the lotus there is a triangle, which is the region of fire. It has a golden hue like the rising sun.

 Outside the triangle there are three svastika figures. Agni (fire god) is seated on a ram. He has four arms. In his lap there is Rudra with a pure vermillion hue. The Goddess of the lotus is Lakini. She is furious and fearful in appearance. She has a dark complexion. She has three faces with three eyes on each face. Her teeth protrude outside her mouth. Of her four arms, two hold the thunderbolt and Shakti as weapons and one hand makes the gesture of dispelling fear.

By concentrating on this lotus, many unusual powers of generation and destruction can be gained.