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Manalithara Mullappallikavu Sastha Temple Information - History - Festival

Manalithara Mullappallikavu Sastha temple is located at Thekkumkara village in Thrissur district. The shrine is at Manalithara around 2 km east of Punnamparambu junction. The annual festival in the shrine is observed on Vishu in Medam month.

Manalithara Mullappally Kavu Sastha temple is one among the 108 Ayyappa temples mentioned Thottam Pattu. The main deity faces east.

The belief is that the deity worshipped in the temple was the seva murti of Thalappilly kings. Another belief is that the deity was the Kalari murti of Thallapally royal family.

The temple later belonged to Koodallur Mana and then to Desamangalam Mana.

The temple is now governed by a committee comprising of people from the village.