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Kubera Mantra For Buying House

Kuber, the treasurer of gods, is believed to bless devotees who want to buy a house. Here is a Kubera mantra for buying house or flat or villa or property.

Kubera Mantra For Buying House
 श्रीं श्री ययै कुबेराय श्रीं  नम:
Om Shreem Shri Yayai Kuberaya Shreem Om Namah

How To Chant The Mantra?

The mantra should be chanted for 41 consecutive days. The mantra can be chanted by men and women on all days.

One should begin chanting mantra from a Thursday by wearing yellow color dress.

Take bath in the morning and offer prayers to Ganesha and Surya.

Light a single lamp on the east side of the current house using pure cow ghee. Chant the mantra 108 times. The diya should be put off after completing the mantra.

Plant trees if possible while performing the chanting of mantra. This is like you providing houses for animals.