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Keeping Black Dog At Home As Per Hindu Religion

Keeping black color dog at home is considered highly beneficial as per Hindu religion.

As per Hindu astrology, those people facing problems in life due to bad positioning of Shani in horoscope will find relief after keeping black dog as a pet at home.

Those people who believe that their home is facing problems from ghosts or other negative forces will be able find relief after keeping a black dog.

Black dog in Hinduism is associated with Bhairava form of Shiva. Feed black dog and taking care of it will help in getting the blessings and protection of Bhairava. It is believed that negative energy will never enter the house that has the blessing of Bhairava.

Black dog is also seen with Bhagwan Dattatreya. The dog will usher in mental peace and prosperity to the keeper. Those facing mental disorder, depression and stress should adopt black dog as pet.