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Importance of Chanting the Name of God – Acharya Gaurav Krishna Goswami

The one who takes shelter in chanting the name of Prabhu will never have anything to fear. The name you chant will manifest miracles in your life. Be it Rama, Krishna, Radhey, Durga or Shiva there is no difference in any of these entities. It totally depends upon which name allures you.

Reciting any name that enchants you will lead you to your goal.

The fact is that whatever name you choose with sincere dedication, it is bound to yield the same results.

Bhakta Prahlada proclaimed to his father Hiranyakashipu, “What fear will I have when I have taken shelter in the name of Srihari Vishnu?” And this is the ultimate truth, there is nothing to fear when you take shelter in recitation of God’s name.

There are some requirements that need to be fulfilled to be able to truly surrender. Most important one is that the devotee should accept those things that are favorable for bhakti and reject those that are unfavorable.

The unflinching faith that Krishna is our only protector should always be kept ablaze in our heart.

Acharya Gaurav Krishna Goswami