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Gurumaa Pravachan Sayings - From Anandmurti Gurumaa Satsangs

A Collection of sayings of Anandmurti Gurumaa from Satsangs and Pravachan. Gurumaa Pravachan Sayings.

Shiva means Brahman, Shiva means the supreme consciousness and, Guru and Shiva are one and the same, because the one who has known Shiva cannot be separate from Shiva. In fact, there is no one other than Shiva, there is none but Shiva. When I say ‘Shiva’, don’t try to conjure up the image of Lord Shankar. The difference between Shiva and Shankar is similar to the difference between the water vapour and the water in the ocean. One can see the oceanic water, but one cannot see vapour. Nevertheless, it is this very water vapour that transforms into rain clouds.

Gurumaa Pravachan Sayings - From Anandmurti Gurumaa Satsangs

When you have woken up from night sleep, just before opening eyes, say to yourself 'thank you lord for a new day, i will strive to make best of it', and open eyes with a smile.

Life has a meaning when we give one to it. Are you ready to give a meaning. Come to learn and then unlearn.

It is said by the mystics that if you walk one step towards God, He will walk thousand steps towards you.

Anger kills you, not on whom or what you were angry about.

The impertinent question that begs to be asked is what’s the discriminating line between faith and blind faith? Well, when you follow others without using your wisdom, it can be called blind faith.

Normally, faith is blind because once you know a thing then there is no need to have faith, whether blind faith or just faith, since now you simply know. It is the element of mystery about a thing that calls for faith.

Once you deeply know a thing then the whole phenomenon of knowing becomes complete and total in itself, leaving no room for faith.

If you can be a witness to life then every single moment will become an enthralling experience. Be a receiver but never hoard anything. Let it pass.

Not the dogma, not the books, not the scriptures, what matters is your attitude to life.

Meditation is not a state where you are fighting with your thoughts, where you are fighting with your memories, where you are fighting with your urges or your bodily sensations. When all modifications, all fluctuations of the mind are gone – now that is, the state of meditation. Meditation cannot be done, it happens. It is an effortless effort wherein you take efforts in making the background preparation for the meditation to happen effortlessly.

At the plane of their highly evolved consciousness, self-realized beings speak the same truth albeit in a different manner, in different styles.

Truth is not of different kinds. There is only one universal truth. And the one who has experienced that truth, has shattered his ignorance forever, broken free of all bondage and delusions, is a Buddha.

Guru is, unarguably, the incandescent light of the supreme consciousness that eradicates the darkness of ignorance. Just as all darkness gets dispelled immediately in the presence of light, likewise, with the rising of the Guru in the form of wisdom, right within your own inner being, all the ignorance that was present in the mind since time immemorial gets eradicated instantaneously.

Illusion is false perception, misperception. We perceive something that does not correspond to what actually is. Illusions convince us of things that are not true. The sky appears blue, but is it really blue? Likewise, although it appears that we are seeing this outside world with open eyes, it is actually untrue and nothing but maya.

But when the question is about God, someone says he is a believer in God, while someone else says I believe in nothing. Either way, you are still a believer.

The day you drop all the belief-systems, even the belief of nothingness, even the belief that there is no God or the belief of God. The day this belief system is totally eradicated from the root is the day when you experience your moksha, salvation or whatever word one would want to use, it is ok.

All bondages and all belief systems are the creation of human mind and truth is beyond mind.

Everyone wants to be happy, yet everyone does things which create reasons for more and more happiness.

Create a space for yourself. Breathe in it, live in it. Feel the freedom.

When mind is calm it becomes as clear as a clean glass, then everything beyond gets to be known which was not possible before.

Open up and be a lotus. Don't remain closed.