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Goddess Poomala – Aryapoomala In North Kerala

Goddess Poomala, also known as Aryapoomala, is worshipped in North Kerala. The deity is worshiped in designated grove or small forest known as Poomala Kavu. There are small temples dedicated to the Goddess in the grove. 

Goddess Poomala – Aryapoomala In North Kerala

Story Of Goddess Poomala

Goddess Adi Shakti took the form of Poomala to enjoy the flowers in the gardens of Devas or demigods. When Goddess Poomala was walking in the garden, the damsels from the kingdom of Devas came to pluck flowers. They were accompanied by soldiers of the Devas.

Goddess Poomala asked the soldiers to help her too in picking up some flowers. One of the soldiers had taken the form of wind and was moving around Fulla Pushpam. He came forward to help Goddess Poomala. She called him Poomaruthan.

Poomala and Poomaruthan developed a bond of brother sister relationship and they travelled together and reached Ariyan Nadu. They decided to rest in a flower garden in the kingdom of Ariyan Nadu. The princess of Ariyan Nadu came to pluck flowers from the garden. The Goddess entered into the Princess and she fell down unconscious. The king of the region soon consulted tantrics and astrologers who confirmed that a Goddess has entered the princess.

The king then invited carpenters (Vishwakarmas) and built a Marakkalam (a huge ship). Goddess Poomala and Poomaruthan then entered the Makakkalam and travelled in it. The crossed 108 Azhi or seas and reached the kingdom of Ezhimannan. The Goddess and Poomaruthan then resided at Ramanthali Kurunthotta Kavu.

Information About Goddess Poomala

Goddess Poomala is worshiped by the Theeyar and Ashari community in North Kerala.

Pattu Utsavam (kalthilari and pattu), and Poorakkali are the important rituals performed during festivals in the sacred grove dedicated to Poomala. Theyyam kolam of Poomaran is also performed.

The history and story of Poomala is found in ‘Marakkalapattu’ which is sung by Kaniyanmar.

The important Poomala Kavu or sacred groves dedicated to Goddess Poomala is located at Kuruvanthatta, Maniyara, Ramavilyam, Vyalpra, Vadakam kovval, Anikkara, Kuttmattu, Koyongara, Kunnacheri and Talaneri in North Kerala.