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Can I Stay In Omkareshwar At Night?

There are many doubts regarding the stay at Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga at Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh. One such prominent question or doubt is – Can I stay in Omkareshwar at night?

It is not advised to stay at Omkareshwar at night. You can stay in hotel or lodges which are far away from the place.

One should never frequent places associated with Shiva and Shakti at night.

Shiva along with is Bhuta Ganas visit these places. Many a times Shiva will be followed by Saptamatrikas, Dakinis and other ferocious elements of nature. Only a properly realized human being will be able to understand them and give way to them naturally. Others might get scared or run or create trouble resulting in death, mental illness or accidents.