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Why Lajja Gauri Sculptures Are headless?

Lajja Gauri, a manifestation of Mother Goddess Parvati, is one of the most powerful fertility goddess in Hinduism. She is often depicted as headless or sometime in the place of head lotus is represented. There is a tantric story which suggests why Lajja Gauri sculptures are headless.

Legend has it that one day to play a joke on his spouse Parvati naughty Shiva took the form of a mouse and made holes in her bed sheet. Nervous Parvati thought that if Shiva, her husband, would come to know about the perforated bed sheet he would be angry. So he hid it in a safe corner in her house.

After a few days Shiva appeared before her in the guise of a tailor. Parvati requested him to mend her torn bed sheet. He said if only Parvati agrees to have an intercourse with him he will do the needful. All knowing Mother Goddess knew that only Shiva in the entire universe had the courage to make such a demand. So Parvati agreed to the proposal.

Shiva could not hide his true form for long time and right in the act of love making Shiva assumed his original form.

Parvati felt so embarrassed and bashful that her head fell down her shoulders. Since then her torso or its image in stone or terracotta came to be known as Lajja Gauri or bashful Parvati.

This form of Goddess Parvati is associated with fertility and is worshipped by couples desirous of progeny.

SourceTirtha Yatra Prabandha by Leleshastri.