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When Success Makes Us Dull and Lacking

Success makes us become dull and lethargic. We enter into a comfort zone. There is no more innovation. There are no more risks, making, trying and learning. This is when we start to rust and soon turn junk.

Many successful people have the habit of getting laidback and sticking to things that have given them results. Such people are no longer willing to take risks and try out new things. What they do not realize is that things around them are changing fast and competition is increasing.

Keep learning, keep growing and never sit on success. Always have the curiosity of a beginner. Never be an expert and never settle down no matter what amount of success we have achieved. Age or experience should not deter us from learning and growing.

If you feel you are successful, then take up new challenges. Add something new to your life and try it. This will renew your self confidence.

We need always keep alive the challenge zone in us. We should try new things, explore, accept new challenges and be ready to accept failure. 

Each success should be seen as a step. Do not rest on the step. Your destination is not the step.