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What Is Guruthi Pooja In Kerala?

Guruthi Pooja is a method of worshiping various forms of Mother Goddess Shakti like Goddess Bhadrakali and Goddess Rajarajeswari Devi. It is a highly effective and powerful puja to remove all obstacles and evil forces from the life of a person. The puja is performed at night usually in a temple on the north side under Pala Maram (tree).

Guruthi Pooja Benefits

It is performed to find relief to problems related to health, marriage, infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, fear, wealth, career, husband-wife related problems and other family issues.

How Is Guruthi Pooja Performed?

Guruthi Pooja is performed in temples which are famous for it. It is performed by temple priests. It is an hour long puja which involves peedham, banana plant, the pala tree. A special 64 cornered frame is made using banana plant for the puja. Chenda (traditional Kerala drum) performs the music for puja.

The ritual includes tharpana of guruthi – a mixture of turmeric, slaked lime and other pooja ingredients – on the 64 cornered plantain frames. Gandhakam is sprinkled on fire to ward off evil-spirits during the course of puja.