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Use of Honey to Overcome Shani Related Troubles in Horoscope

There is a popular belief that keeping honey at home helps in warding off negative energy. Honey is also used to overcome Shani Navgrah related troubles in horoscope in many regions in India and by many communities.

Keeping honey in the east and north side of house helps in keeping out negative forces. The positive energy emitted by honey keeps the house safe. There will be peace in the house. There will be cordial relationship between family members. Diseases will be kept away.

If Shani is causing constant trouble in life, keeping honey at home in a small black vessel is considered helpful.

Another ritual practiced is to bathe black Shivling with honey and milk on Saturday. This helps in keeping away the troubles created by Shani Bhagavan.

Yet another offering made is mixing of black urad dal with curd and honey. This is offered to the Kal Bhairav form of Shiva and Shani Bhagavan on Saturday.