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Unique Papadum Offering At Irunilamkode Temple In Kerala

Irunilamkode Temple, located at Mullurkara village in Thrissur District in Kerala, is an ancient cave temple famous for numerous reasons. papadum chavittal (stamping on fried pappadams) is one among the popular offering or vazhipad here. This is done for the healing of diseases on the feet.

Unique Papadum Offering At Irunilamkode Temple In Kerala

Chool vahizpad is another popular one (using broom over the head and neck). This is done for the abnormal falling of hairs found in ladies.

Those having constant pain in stomach and other stomach ailments offer idols of tortoise, fish, scorpion and centipede made of wood or mud.

The temple has a murti carved inside the cave. The deity is unknown. The belief is that the murti is swayambhu. The murti was discovered around 300 years ago by a woman who took shelter in the cave. She started sharpening her sickle on a rock in the cave and suddenly blood started oozing out and this led to the discovery of the cave temple.

Although the cave has the presence of Trimurtis, the temple now follows Shaiva tradition.

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Subrahmanya, Ganapati, Nagakanyaka, and Mother Goddess Shakti (Kandankali).

There were seven muniyara on the hill in which the cave is located. Currently only one muniyara survives.

There are pujas in the shrine and visitors are allowed but the temple is under the protection of the Archeological Survey of India.