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Understanding and Patience - Keys To Make Any Relationship Work

To make any relationship work, two most important ingredients needed are understanding and patience. A healthy and happy relationship is only possible through understanding and patience.

When we talk about a relationship, it should not be limited to lovers – there are a lot of relationships – parents, relatives, spouse, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, employees, employers, casual acquaintances…

Each person is different; sensitivity differs; mood and temperament differ. There are lots of things that one needs to understand when we are in a relationship.

A relationship breaks down when there is no tolerance, sympathy and mutual respect.

To make a relationship work we need to identify the merits and strengths of a person. A relationship fails when the focus is only on vices, weaknesses, and defects.

In a relationship, our memory is short; we forget all the good things and focus on the bad that had just happened. We forget all the good by focusing on the mistake and magnify it. Instead of only seeing negative we need to see the positive aspects.

Constant criticism and faultfinding will never lead to a healthy relationship. These negative forces destroy relationships because it only hurts the other person.

Humor, patience, understanding and happy temperament should be used to overcome a tough situation.

A wrong can be set right only when the other person realizes it. That realization should happen through humor, smile and kind words.

Constant pointing of finger indirectly gives out the message that I am superior in the relationship.

There is a lot of pride and egoism on play. This game of one-upmanship will only lead to split.

Happiness in a relationship is only possible when we are ready to accept people as they are.

Some people have love but they do not display it. What is the use of love that is not displayed?

When we display patience, understanding, and love in a relationship, it will be reflected. 

Replace harsh words with kind words; share loving thoughts instead of criticism; be appreciative; make the person know how much he/she means to you; correct the wrongs in the person by being considerate and sympathetic.