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Story Of Pandit Shridhar Bhagat – Ardent Devotee Of Vaishno Devi

Pandit Shridhar Bhagat was an ardent devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi and he lived at Hansali Village in Jammu. The story of this great devotee of Vaishno Devi is associated with the story of Goddess and the evil tantric Bhairavnath.

Evil tantric Bhairavnath was against the devotees of Vaishno Devi. He reached Hansali with the intention of teaching Pandit Shridhar Bhagat a lesson. He reached the residence of the devotee with his three hundred and sixty disciples and asked him to feed them all.
Sridhar was very poor and it was beyond him to feed so many guests.

Bhairavnath mocked him and asked him to ask Vaishno Devi to help him.

Sensing the trouble of her devotee, Vaishno Devi appeared before him and asked him to invite the evil Tantrik Bhairavnath to his house. She promised him that all arrangements to feed them would be made.

As directed by Devi, Pandit Shridhar invited them all for food. At the place called Bhumika they all appeared for food. Devi by her powers created gold and silver ware to serve and feed them. She made several tasty dishes and satiated the guests.