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Siddh Batukeshwar – Story – Information About God Siddha Batukeshwar

Siddh Batukeshwar is a powerful deity worshipped in many temples in Maharashtra. As per popular story, for the protection of Karaveera Kshetra (Kolhapur), Sri Mahalakshmi had deputed Batuk Bhairava as Kshetrapala. Sri Siddha means Ganesha and Batukeshwar is none other than Batuk Bhairava.

It is believed that Kala Bhairava, who was the Kotval of Kashi, was invited to Kolhapur by devotees and saints to get rid of Demon Kalasur. After defeating the demon, Kala Bhairava helped devotees in nearby regions. He also married Jogeshwari.

He was given the title of Sri Siddhantha by Tuljapur Bhavani. Goddess Lakshmi made him the guardian deity of Kolhapur.