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Shakini In Yogini Cult In Hinduism

Shakini in Yogini cult are fierce powerful female beings who are followers of Bhairava form of Shiva in Hinduism. They had acquired the ability to move in the air and they possessed the power of transforming human beings into animals and birds.

The stories associated with Shakinis indicate that they move about in aerial groups, and they visited cremation grounds and they worshipped Bhairava form of Shiva with magical formulae.

The performed prayers, rituals, sacrifices and worship in circular formations like chakras and mandalas.

Nudity and consumption of human flesh were an integral part of the rites of Shakinis.

The male counterpart of Shakini is Unmatta Bhairava. This form of Shiva can only be visualized in mind.

As per Kubjika Mata Tantra, Shakini appeared from the body of Kuleshwar, the central male deity of the Yogini Chakra one of the five internal chakras. It is said that she was fond of breaking the bones of human beings.

During worship, Shakini is placed on a petal facing west.

As per Srimatottara Tatra she is depicted with the head of lion. But as per Kularnava Tantra she has the head of a cat.

She has eight arms and is addicted to bone marrow. The body color is smoky.