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Sanatana – One Of The Four Manasputra Of Brahma - His Teachings

As per Hindu scriptures, Brahma created four sons – Sanaka, Sanatana, Sananda and Sanat Kumara. These sons were born to Brahma when his wisdom was pure and pristine, devoid of any attachment. Sanatana was supremely wise person and he like his brothers remain like a five-year-old boy in eternal communion with Lord Vishnu.

His name his always mentioned along with four brothers. There is no detailed account of his exploits.

Sanatana Teachings

As one meditates on Bhagavan, he reveals more and more of his attributes and glories, and to some fortunate souls he even grants his vision.

Sharira, or human body, is from the universe, so the constituents of the universe and human body are the same.

Paramatma is the antaryamin (immanent being) of everyone and everything.

Brahman is the all pervading principle that permeates all chit and achit.

The universe is rooted in the true and rests in the true.

Knowledge is not a passage from falsity to reality but is a movement from reality to more and more reality.

Satya or jnana that is Brahman cannot be limited. Brahman is infinite truth and infinite knowledge. The truth or reality in its wholeness or absolute state is Brahman.

All worldly objects are only for namesake, fragile like the uttered words denoting them; the reality behind all that is changeable is one and the same, and that is the only truth, like clay in all clay pots and gold in all gold ornaments.

Sanat Sujata – one of the four Manasaputras of Brahma