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Power of Concentration

To be our best when we are working we need to make use of the power of mental concentration. An intentional use of attention to anything we are doing will help us achieve success.

When the whole of the attention is given to a work in hand, we will be able to achieve success easily. Today we do not give our whole attention to a single work and due to this, we see mediocre results.

When we are able to make full use of the power of concentration we can eliminate distraction, diversion, remission and numerous other aspects that are hostile to progress.

To achieve concentration we need to do things that we like most. Haven’t we noticed that whatever we have a strong liking for, we learn with ease. We excel in it. We forget about our surroundings and we have complete focus on it. When work is pleasure, the entire focus of the mind and intellect is gained. This is the reason why we should find a job where our heart lies.

When we are in a job of not of our liking or interest then concentration is achieved through pain. This is the case with a majority of us today. We work for money. We have no interest in the work. In such a scenario, distractions and procrastination are common. But we have to overcome them as we have already got into a situation. Instead of struggling, we need to learn to sail with the current. If we can develop enough courage, then we need to get out of the waters and search for a shore that we like. But we need to develop the concentration in both scenarios. There is no compromise in this matter. We need to learn to concentrate consciously.

 To achieve success in career or in some passion of ours, we must be able to concentrate our entire mind. An idea to be successful we have to give our full power of concentration.

Do not be discouraged, if you are unable to concentrate on the subject for a very long time. Very few people can achieve this on the very first go. We need to practice and slowly build up the levels of concentration. We need to cut down the levels of distraction slowly and steadily.

The first thing to do is to stop bothering about results. Next is to shut out all the destructive and negative thoughts. Fill your mind with beneficial and constructive thoughts. Even if you are forced to concentrate on something you do not like, think about all the benefits that you are going to get from it. This will be a motivating factor to concentrate.

Always keep a watch over the mind, be alert enough to when unwanted thoughts enter into the mind. We need to learn to stop the mind from entering into such things. We need to drag the mind back into our work.

The magical power of concentration can accomplish the impossible. We just need to be awakened to our immense potential.