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Negative Emotions Are Our Real Enemies

Talk about enemies and we try to remember people who hurt us. But are they our real enemies? No. Our real enemies are negative emotions.

Some people perform prayers and pujas for protection from enemies and to defeat enemies. This is a waste of energy and money. You should be concentrating in defeating the enemies within like anger, hatred, ego and jealousy.

War in Hindu scriptures is symbolic in nature. The demons are personifications of various vices. The divine and the demon both are within us. We are not able to realize it.

Maturity in emotions, purity in thoughts, intentions, and actions are necessary to have a peaceful and prosperous life.

Daily we should offer prayers to defeat negative energies like jealousy, resentment, anger, hate, and selfishness.

Stop keeping enemies in your mind while offering prayers. It only fuels anger. It only leads to destruction.

When negative emotions thrive in us, we become addicted to slander, lie, gossip, manipulation and a whole lot of other filth.

If our aim is to be happy, blissful, successful and spiritual, then we the help of almighty star a merciless war against the internal enemies. Hunt them down and have no pity on them.

Noble karmas will be washed away and sins will take their place if we are not careful about what we think and feel.

Daily pray for victory over base emotions.