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Kol Kandoli Temple And Vaishno Devi Story

Kol Kandoli Temple is located at Nagarkot in Jammu and Kashmir and it is associated with Goddess Vaishno Devi. Legend has it that Goddess Vaishno Devi appeared here when she was playing her divine leela with an evil tantric named Bhairavnath.

When she reached Nagarkot she saw some girls playing with ball. Assuming the form of a small girl she too joined them. After playing with them for some time Vaishno Devi fed them with a delicious meal. She then asked a girl to bring water for them to drink.

The girl replied that she did not have Kaul (pot) to fetch the water and there is no water around for her to bring. On hearing this goddess gave the girl a gold pot and asked her to bring water from the nearby pit. When Vaishno Devi glanced at the dry pit it became full with water.

The little girl moved (kandholna) in local dialect) the pot in the pit as directed by Goddess. Hence the spot came to be known as Kol Kandoli.

Vaishno Devi started living at Kol Kandoli. Soon her fame spread far and wide and people started flocking the place to see her. Goddess too started fulfilling their wishes by her divine powers. However Goddess continued to play with her little friends while obliging her devotees.

In Kol Kandoli region there lived an old woman named Maideva. She was a great devotee of Goddess and used to be perpetually busy reciting her name and worshipping her despite her old age. Pleased by her devotion Vaishno Devi appeared before her in person and told her that she too would be worshipped along with her. The devotees would first pay respect to her and then approach goddess for darshan.

When, after some time, Maideva died of old age people built a temple in her honor. This temple is known as Devamai Dhak.