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Karikad Temple History - Gods Worshipped - Festival - Karikkad Subramanya Temple

Karikad Temple, also known as Karikkad Subramanya Temple, is located around 5 km north of Manjeri in Malappuram District in Kerala. The most important festival in the temple is observed in Makaram month and the eight day festival ends on Thaipooyam day. Another important annual ritual in the temple is the Ishwara Seva start from Kanni Masam 1 to Kanni Masam 12.

The Thengayerru ritual in the temple is held in Malayalam Meda masam (April - May).

Karikkad Temple has two temples dedicated to Subrahmanya and a shrine dedicated to Sastha. All the three temples have equal importance.

The Subrahmanya shrines here are known as Vadakkum Thevar and Thekkum Thevar.

Thekkum Thevar and Vadakku Thevar face east. Sastha occupies a central position facing west in the middle of Balamurukan and Velayudhan. Three temples have separate sopanam, mukha mandapam, and vathil matam and also dwajasthambam and balikkal.

The upa devatas worshipped in the temple are Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy and Goddess Bhagavathi.

Karikad Temple History

The shrine was built during 10th century AD.

The village Karikad was is believed to be one among the 64 villages created in Kerala by Parshuram Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The temple was in old time was an important village of Yajurvedi Brahmins.

The first murti installed in the temple was that of Vadakkum Thevar. But the shrine was destroyed and the murti went missing. Then the shrine of Thekkum Thevar was built and new murti installed. But the half broken murti of Vadakkum Thevar was retrieved and a shrine was built in the same place for the murti.

The Sasta murti in the temple was installed by people who ran away from their villages fearing Bakan in the Mahabharata.

This temple is one of the most important temples under Malabar Devaswom Board.

A unique naivedya is prepared for Sashta in the temple. The naivedya is prepared using roasted rice powder, coconut pieces and jaggery. The naivedya is known as Tharippanam.

The annual pratishta festival is held on Uthram nakshatra day in Meena Masam.