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Kalanjoor Mahadeva Temple Information - History - Rituals - Festival

Kalanjoor Mahadeva Temple is located around 5 km north of Pathanapuram in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. The 8-day temple festival is observed in Meenam month in such a way that the sixth day of the festival falls on Rohini Nakshatra day. The festival is famous for a huge procession of the last day (arattu ghoshayatra). There is fireworks at early morning after Arattu.

The shrine is dedicated to Shiva. This shrine is an important temporary halt for Sabarimala pilgrims. The temple complex begins at a 500-year-old Banyan tree near the main road. A 10 feet high Mandapam is built around the Banyan tree. There is a Nataraja Murti under the Banyan tree.

Kalanjoor Mahadeva Temple is located on the west part of the banyan tree. The eastern gopuram of the temple is considerably big. When one climbs eighteen steps of the eastern gopuram one reaches Sastha temple. From here one can see the Shiva temple which has a Maha Shiva Lingam. Both the temples have separate flag post (kodimaram). The Shivling in the temple was installed by Kharamaharshi.

The upa devatas in the temple are Bhagavathy and Ganapathy. There is a grove in the northeastern side of the temple complex and here there is the vigrahams of Bhutathan and Nagaraja.

Couples perform Pillavyappu here during the Thirunal day for solving pregnancy related problems and to beget children. The Ashtami Rohini festival in Chingam masam is famous for procession involving more than a thousand people.

During the Sabarimala Mandala kalam, Chirappu Mahotsavam is held for 41 days. The chirappu is held under the Banyan tree. Bhajana and spiritual discourses are held for 41 days. 

There is the famous parayeduppu utsavam for 14 days in Kumbha month. Pongala is held on the Pathamudayam day. Ramayana Masam is observed here during Karkidakam month.