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How To Keep The Divine Spark Alive In You

The path of spirituality is not easy. The majority of the problems are created by us. There is a Divine Spark in all of us but sadly, we are taught from an early age to extinguish it by society, education, parents, and religion. When we enter into the world of spirituality only a small amount of the spark is left and we ourselves put if off through arrogance and ignorance.

People who are beginners in the path of spirituality consider themselves superior to others – they feel they are different, evolved and fortunate than the lesser mortals.

This ego is the first pitfall when you turn spiritual. We work hard to be spiritual but the ego is not taking us forward but backward. We distance ourselves from others; start advising each and everyone on spirituality; we find fault in everything; only my spiritual path is correct.

Humility is the first quality that we must develop. We should keep alive the childlike curiosity and awe towards everything. There is a lesson hidden in all aspects of life. All animate and inanimate is a teacher. They do not teach us directly like a school teacher but they all give us valuable lessons. We need to observe and imbibe it.

Gratitude comes next. We should be thankful. Not to just who help us. But to all those unseen hands and minds that make our life possible.

When we do this, we realize that everyone and everything is special. We will be able to see the Divine Spark in all things.

When we drop the ego and start doing things, we will realize that we are not the doer but we are just an instrument in the great play. We make mistakes and errors when we think that we helm the show. The ego comes into play. When we are natural and enjoy what we are doing we reach our destination quickly.