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Remove The Mask To Know The Real You

We have created numerous boundaries around us. These boundaries are blockades. They block our energy, creativity and true potential. We identify ourselves with political, cultural, traditional and religious beliefs. We also are attached to them. Apart from identification and attachment, we begin to think this is what I am. You need to remove the various masks to know the real you. 

Another kind of identification comes out of social status, career and wealth. False social status stops us from mingling with different kinds of people. We are only ready to socialize with a particular group. This stops us from knowing our real self. This also stops us from gathering wisdom. It also acts as an impediment in realizing our true potential. Career and wealth also pushes us into a particular social group.

Ego plays an important role in holding on to the false what I am. This false personality that we create stops us from learning. It stops us from going through the various kinds of experiences, which helps in facing the difficulties of life.

For those interested in spirituality and self-realization it is very much necessary to let of what I am. This false ‘I’ is the main ignorance. It is stopping us from seeing the divine light. In some of us, this ‘I’ has become so hard that no light can pass through it. It prevents all kinds of wisdom. Such people face endless problems in life.

If you wish to become the real, then you need to drop the false I am. Drop all masks. Be free and be honest. 

Holding on to the false what I am stops from knowing the real you.
'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.' John Heider