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Dress Code Of Bhairava Worshippers

The Bhairava worshippers are famous for their black color dress. The dress code of the sanyasi of Bhairava sect include dark black shirt, bone garlands, kapala (skull), sula (trident) and damaruka (hourglass drum).

Bhairava tantric wear disheveled hair.

They decorate the hair with white color flowers.

On the forehead they make crescent moon using sacred ash.

Earrings made of chank shell are worn and they are decorated with red color flowers.
Necklace is made of white marble beads.

The body is covered with a single piece black gown like shirt.

The tantric wears channavira, hara, vata, armlets, katisutra, anklets etc – all these and other ornaments are made of bone beads.

Tantric worshippers of South India wear Silambu, a hollow circular tube with small bells, made of metal, which in turn produce a characteristic sound while walking.