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Apara Dakini Form Of Goddess Shakti

Apara Dakini is a powerful tantric goddess and she is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is the consort of Dakshinamurti in Tantra who is associated with Kala Bhairava. She is the presiding deity of Gupta Yoginis and is also referred as Tripura Bhairavi.

Apara Dakini is represented as softly smiling deity. She has a crimson glow that may be compared to a thousand newly risen suns. She wears a veil made of silk and a garland of skull. Blood smears her breasts.

She has three eyes. She wears a moon on her head. Her hands bless devotees with wisdom, boon and removes all kinds of fear.

She is worshiped for protection from enemies. She helps a devotee in attaining the state of fearlessness. 

She is also referred to as Arakthavarna, as her complexion if mildly red.