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10% of The Wealth Should be Used for Charity – Hindu Scriptures

It is directly and indirectly mentioned in the Hindu scriptures that the wealth you donate or give in charity will return back manifold. Donation should be given in such a way that it profits the user. Simply giving a token amount of money to someone for the sake of charity should be avoided.

Your wealth should be used for charity in such a way that it profits the society or a community.

Begging became a menace in India because of the attitude of the people. Daan is an important part of Hindu culture. But many used this aspect to make a living. Such people made begging into a business.

Always donate money in building schools, helping farmers and in those activities that benefit the community. Donate to create employment opportunities.

Donate to teach children. But never give the money directly to children.

Donate to old small temples that are finding it difficult to maintain it. We donate to rich temples that do not know how to utilize the extra wealth. Instead of doing donation in rich temples, donate to small temples that are facing difficulties.

Think and do proper research before donating. After donating, do not worry about your donation. You should also not advertise about the donation.