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Veda Suktas Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings from Veda Suktas.

Aaathishtantham pariviswe aabhushan – The presence of all pervading God, is proclaimed by each and every earthly body in the universe.

Antharvi Jyothisha samvavrithvattamo vaha – Drive out the internal darkness which engulfed the entire body through Deepa Jnana (knowledge).

AA yadav ameeya chashasaa mitram vayam cha sorayah Vyachiste bahu payee yathe mahi swarajye – Oh! divine men and women, you and we together should try for growth in the protectable personal kingdom.

Ajo na sham dadhaar pridhiveem – The divine God who has no birth (or death – not a part of life cycle) has borne the entire universe covering the earth and the sky.

Ayuryajhena kalpatham – Let the life be fulfilled through Yagnam (sacrifices).

Adhurashatha swayameethe vachoobhi rujuuyathe vrijinaani bruvamthaha – The physical body is suffering itself with sin by uttering non appropriate words and performing actions against men of purity.

Apruna nmardhitaaram na vimdathe – A miser who never gives alms, can never get a person who gives in return.

Aapaasmath preyat – Run away from a person who is a miser.

Aaree asmadamathim – Oh Omnipresent! admonish ignorance in me.
 Arvan tava chittam vaatha iva dhrajeemaan – Oh! materialistic soul! your thoughts are speedy and unstable like air.

Aapakraman purusheyaad vrinaano daivyam vachya – Abhor the words of men and follow the dictations of the God.

Aaa roha tamaso jyothihi – Flush out the darkness of thoughts of departed, and kindle a lamp of perfect life.

Aarohana maakramanam jeevatho jeevatho yanam – The goal for life for each person is to get up from the fall and to move forward in life.

Idamahamanruthath satyampyme - I admonish untruth and take shelter under truth.