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Trimurti Form Of Shiva

Trimurti form of Shiva represents Shiva is one of His three aspects – creator, sustainer or destroyer. The manifests aspect of Shiva include – Sadasiva murti, Pancha Brahma, Maheshwara Murti, Ekadasa Rudras and Vidyesvaras. Vidyesvaras are beings through whom the lower order of beings should attain higher evolutionary stages. They are eight in number and have different colors. Trimurti is one of the them and the color is crimson.

Each face of the Trimurti form of Shiva should have one face set with three eyes and adorned with jatamakuta (matted hair), yajnopavita (sacred thread) and all other ornaments.

According to Purva Karanagama, Trimurti should carry weapons in their hands and keep their front ones in the varada (benefactor) and abhaya (protector) poses.
But Vishnu Dharmottara states that the front hands of Trimurti should be kept in anjali pose, and the back ones should carry the bana and trishula.