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Pradosh Vrat On Thursday – Mantra – Puja – Importance

When pradosh falls on Thursday it is of great importance and is known as Guru Pradosh. The day is ideal for propitiating Shiva and getting wishes fulfilled. Here is a look at mantra, puja, rituals and other offerings to be done when pradosh vrat falls on Thursday.

Pradosh Vrat Thursday Mantra

जूं सः
Om Jhoom Sa

Important Puja - Offerings - Rituals

Offering a drop of milk on Shivling and later offering the milk to poor and needy children will help in solving all problems related to marriage.

Feeding fishes on the day will help in solving financial difficulties and it also helps in solving problems related to property.

For fulfillment of desires write om namah shivaya in white color on 21 bilva leaves and offer it on Shivling.

Feeding green grass to cow or bull on the day will help in achieving peace and prosperity.
Feeding poor on the day will grant happiness to pitr (dead ancestors). This kind act will also make sure that there will be no shortage of food in the house.

Offering water mixed with black sesame to Shivling will help in solving all kinds of mental health problems like depression etc.

Those wishing to have children should make 11 shivling out of wheat flour and then keep it in flowing clean river.

For early cure and good health chant ‘om namah shivaya’ mantra 108 times.
Offering sesame and barley to Shivling will help in sin redemption.