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Ignorance Of My Real nature And Potentiality An Important Cause Of My Suffering

Why do I suffer? Ignorance of our real nature and potentiality is an important cause of human suffering. It is a mystery of human nature that even though the soul is possessed of an immense and inexhaustible source of power like a dynamo, yet one forgets all about it.

The Vedanta philosophers account for this anomaly by positing an entity called maya. The word means that which, ya, is not, ma (maya – that which is not).

They went on to demonstrate a twofold function of this strange entity: covering the real nature of things, avarana, and making things appear as something else, vikshepa.
Everything in the universe, both gross and subtle, come under the purview of maya.

Under its spell one’s real identity shrinks and one projects one’s infinite power into the worldly perspective. It is through maya that a person forgets one’s nature and starts wallowing in the mire of the world through various ‘dances of death’ expressed in competition, jealousy, power-mongering, and others.

One never stops to think that there is no need to run after happiness like a musk-deer in search of its musk which is in its navel.

 The source of all happiness and bliss is within oneself, but the human being seeks it outside in the world and tries to dominate over others in one’s desperate bid to crave for more and more. At last, like the musk deer, a person dies in one’s futile attempt, worn-out and with hopes blighted.