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For a Good Father Son - Daughter Relationship

Quite often fathers have problems with their children. It is true that mothers also have problems with their children but that is bit different – that we will explore in another article. Here are few points for a good father – son – daughter relationship.
  • There should be empathy in a father – son – daughter relationship. Father should be able to recognize and feel the emotion of his son or daughter. When you empathize, a strong bond is forged and this can weather any storm. The relationship should be such that both of them should have no secrets. Your child should be able to share anything with you.
  • Openness and trust is the backbone of a relationship. An atmosphere of mutual trust should be developed between the father, son and daughter.
  • Body language should be cordial and never miss an opportunity to hug or kiss and share the feelings. Heart to heart connect is more important.
  • You should always be an inspiration. Never make your son or daughter feel that they are a burden. Never give them the feel that you are tolerating them or bringing them up just because you happened to give birth to them. Never talk about the money invested in their upbringing, health and education.
  • Never imprison your child in the name of religion, social status, caste etc. Do not teach them to be divisive. But do teach them to know what is good and bad. Do teach them how to protect themselves from all forms of danger when you are not with them.
  • Never drown your children in your expectation and desires. Allow them to fly in the way they want. Your job is to teach them to fly and do it without any expectation.
  • You do not become a successful father when your son or daughter gets first rank, a medal or gets a job. You become a true father when your son or daughter becomes an individual – who is capable of making the correct decision (to put in Hindu religious term when he/she follows Dharma). You are successful the day when they have become an individual who will give the best to their family, children and society.