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Chathussatham Offering In Kerala Temples - Sweet Made Using 4 Items - 400 Numbering

Chathussatham is a sweet offering made by devotees in many temples in Kerala. Chathussatham means four hundred. The sweet or payasam is made using 4 items. The four items are to be offered in the count of hundred.

The usual offering are

  1. 100 nazhi milk (1 nazhi is 200 gms).
  2. 100 palm jaggery (sharkara) – (1 palam is 300 gms)
  3. 100 coconuts.
  4. 100 kadalipazham (plantain or banana seen in Kerala).

The offering gets the name Chathussatham as it is prepared using these four items.

Jeera powder and ginger powder is added to the sweet preparation in some places.

A special huge vessel is used for cooking the payasam (sweet) and it is known as Chatussathavattam.

The offering is made during birthday, after having desire fulfilled, or after the 60 birthday etc in a temple.