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A Motivating Factor in Life is Crucial

You wanted to exercise in the morning but you are never able to do it. You have thousands of reasons for not exercising in the morning.

The truth is that you do not have the correct motivating factor. Occasionally, you do get a motivating factor but then it is not the real motivating factor. This is the reason why we stop the morning exercise after a couple of days.

The sudden death of a neighbor or relative or friend becomes a motivating factor for us to walk in the morning or to do an exercise. But this sudden fear of death does not last for long period. It diminishes soon. The daily exercise routine also comes to an abrupt end.

An outstanding achievement by a person motivates us for a few days but then the motivation fizzles out.

Until and unless we are passionate about something, we are never going to succeed in it.
Successful people are passionate about what they do. They make that extra effort.

It is true that there were thousands of cricketers, who were better than Sachin Tendulkar in India, when Sachin began playing cricket. But none of them had the passion, right attitude, focus, self-belief, hard work, dedication and the single-minded attention. Therefore, we never heard about them and Sachin became the synonym for cricket in India.

The greatest motivating factor is love. Love for something that you like so much. Love to achieve greatness. The love to make your parents feel content that their hard work did not go waste.

From waking up for the morning exercise to achieving your biggest dream, everything begins with the right attitude. It is all about loving your small period of life on earth. It is all about being honest to those who care for you and to those who look up to you. It is being honest to your dreams.